Daily Ritual. Is There Time for them?

“Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart” – Khalil Gibran

Indeed. Unfortunately, not caring how we look is not an easy task.

We live by each day, judging people on their appearance. After all, “the first impression counts.” From making new friends to getting a job. APPEARANCE is the number 1 factor.

I was and currently still am an acne sufferer. Having to meet up with people, going for interviews were always a hassle.

“I wish I can go out barefaced.” Can We???

My face is filled with scars, pigmentations and pimples. And I am so sick of them!

I wish I didn’t have to waste time doing a long skincare regiment just to keep my skin clear from acnes. Sadly to say, a long skincare didn’t help either.

Wasting $ after $, on products that said to have an effect in keeping acnes away. Taking in my daily nutrients, loading myself with fruits, vegs and even drinking 8 to 12 cups of water daily. Adding on with daily supplements from omegas to zinc.


And WHO THE HELL HAS the TIME to keep to their regiment??????

We all have lazy days. We all have sick days. And we all have “OT Days”.

If 24 hours a day doesn’t guarantee us with perfect 8 hours of sleep. Do we even have the time to do a perfect regiment to take care of our skin?

Overnight Masks and Daily Sheet Masks are definitely helpful, BUT I have FREAKING SENSITIVE SKIN!

Comodones and Acnes are like my brothers and sisters. They visit me EVERYDAY, and the Mother of these SHITS never seem to stop giving birth!!!

Visited Dermatologists after dermatologists, some got my situation worst, while others were only temporary. Ate 1 year supply of Accutane, cleared my acnes by the 3rd month, skin was clear throughout the 1 year. Skin maintained clear for 3 months after Accutane and “SURPRISE!!!!!”

Acnes: “HEY BITCH I AM BACK!” … … …

Definitely not as severe. But HELL~~~~~ My face is still covered with zits.

Hormonal Imbalance???!!! Genetics???!!!

So I Guess I will have zits throughout my life then. Unless I have my DNA manipulated, in a way.

Daily Ritual? HAAAAHHHH!!!

You Decide.



#Skincare #Beauty #Acne #Accutane


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