Daily Ritual. How to Wash our Face?

Part 3: Cleansing for Acnes

Google and you will find all sorts of cleansers available. Wonder what is best for your skin? 

If you’re facing acne problems, here is how:

Start GENTLE! (However wrong it sounds, it is indeed the best way of clearing acnes)

Always use a cleanser mild enough not to aggravate your skin! You may feel that your skin isn’t well cleansed, BUT it is SUFFICIENTLY cleansed. 

Over Cleansing can strip the protective barrier of your skin! Making it more prone to acnes.

And that’s something all of us do not want!

Maintain the pH!

As scientific as it sounds, it is an important factor to keep your acnes away!

A Low acidic cleanser (pH 3 to 5) will help to kill the acne causing bacteria. Keeping an acidic environment on your skin also prevents acne from spreading!

Know your needs! Know your cleansers! 

Recommendation: CosRx Low Acidic Good Morning Gel Cleanser


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