Daily Ritual. Double Cleansing.

Part 4:

2 is Better than 1

Yes! 2 is always better than 1.

Double cleansing is important! Whether or not you have makeup on or no makeup on. 

Koreans have beautiful skin. Skin that is so mochi-like. Skin that lits from within. Looking so clean and fresh.

Having their skin is like a dream, a dream that never seems to come true!

When there’s a will, there will always be a way.

Besides sweating the shits out of the pores, washing away the TOP layer of shits is also important!

Use an oil, milk or cream cleanser for the 1st Cleansing. 

Why? Because double Cleansing means stripping that protective barrier. And to prevent yourself from doing that, go GENTLE!!

After the first cleanser, use an acid cleanser. Besides Cleansing your face, it will also helps to maintain the pH!

Short and Simple. 

2 is Better than 1

1: Washing away the TOP layer

2: Cleansing your skin



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