Daily Ritual. Dirty Pores.

Part 2: Dirty Pores

Sweating in contrast to most believes, is actually beneficial to clearing the pores! At the same time, we are keeping ourselves fit and healthy. It’s a Win Win!

Cleansing/Double Cleansing cannot guarantee a 100% cleanliness of my skin. Many times, unknowingly touching of our own skin, actually pushes the dirts deeper into our pores. Not touching our skin is good, BUT  NEVER touching our skin is near impossible!

For instance, when comes to applying skin care, “patting” the products in, is how we are pushing the dirts deeper into our pores!

That doesn’t mean, rubbing our face is a better alternative.

So, DIRTS in pores … … …

Getting them out is no easy feat!

Sweat is produced from our facial glands which are found beneath our skin. When sweat is produced, they act as a lever to push the gunks out of our pores!

There’s no free lunch in the world! You need to pay a price to get something.

I guarantee you, that this price to pay will be worth every single strength and determinations you’ve put!


#Dirty #Pores #Exercise #Clean


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